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The Modquad
Neal Flum on the Modquad----
    Bravo to Mike Stevens for modulating from the world of other tenor practice pads to the Modquad, a product whose entrance into the market is a timely and helpful one. The Modquad not only sounds great; plays well; and is realistic in size, but is also outstanding in that you can reduce its size greatly and have yourself five or six individual practice pads as well.
    For someone who has not "really" drummed on tenors in years, I have been excited to get out the Modquad and play! I also find that as an arranger, playing on the Modquad gives me better insights into what might or might not work from a musical or "playable" standpoint. I can't do that with a set of tenors in my office - no room and the other folks in the school of music complain. No complaints from me, though, about the Modquad. It's a great tool for anyone wishing to improve their tenor performance skills or becoming a better arranger!

  • Visit the ModQuad website for more information about the pad. The site also features a forum to discuss questions with past and future users. Be sure to check out the photo gallery for more pictures of the system and how it works.

  • Visit Quad Inc., a great drum site by Mike Stevens.


Neal Flum

Neal Flum with ModQuad

Neal Flum is the Associate Director of Athletic Bands for the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa.
    He is an endorser/clinician for Evans Drumheads, Grover Pro Percussion, Innovative Percussion, Pearl Drums and Adams Musical Instruments, and the Avedis Zildjian Company.
    Neal's past drum corps experience includes marching or teaching the following:
  • Boston crusaders

  • Long Island Kingsmen

  • Spirit of Atlanta

  • Blue Devils

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