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Mike Michalkow
    Mike provides a very easy to follow guide to the world of drumming as it pertains to the drum set. He gives a solid foundation with outlining technique and works from the ground up to provide the most complete drumming guide to date.
    Mike works through each principal on the snare, often times showing the example at a slower tempo, and then applies the skill to the drum set, giving you the ultimate breakdown. This is simple for beginners to follow and serves as an excellent refinement tool for seasoned drummers.
    Through the first of this two DVD set Mike not only explains the how's of drumming but the "why should I do it this way?" As opposed to "I'm the guy on this DVD, you should listen and do as I say because I said so!"

    The second DVD provides some solo drumming and a jam session where Mike demonstrates his outlined technique. This is an excellent bonus not always found in other instruction videos.
    In another feature at the end of the DVD Mike discusses the pros and cons of the equipment he uses. I feel his gives a very real and honest opinion about each piece, why he uses it, and doesn't say "I'm playing this brand and this setup so you should too!!" This section is an excellent reference and also provides tips on what you should look for before making a purchase.

    An accompanying "Ebook" is available from RailRoadMedia.com. This book contains more educational tools and exercises. A second Ebook is titled "Drummer Essentials." This book, also free, includes material on Rock, Latin, and Funk drumming as well as Double Bass, Drum Fills, and more!
    This DVD is packed with too much information to list here and should be required viewing for all drummers!


DVD "Moeller Method Secrets"

Mike Michalkow - Moeller Method Secrets

From RailRoadMedia.com--
"The Moeller Method Secrets Video Training System includes everything you could ever need to get maximum results for hand speed, power, control, endurance, and dynamics. It was designed to be the only drum hand technique video you will ever need. It includes complete and detailed explanations of specific methods that will drastically improve your drumming. No stone is left unturned - absolutely everything is revealed!

It includes dual DVD discs, detailed sheet music, and special bonus material. The 1st disc has everything taught in extreme detail (including examples you can actually begin to implement into your drumming immediately), and the 2nd disc is packed with inspirational content that shows you how the techniques can be used in musical drumming. This one-of-a-kind training pack has it all!"

About Mike:

Mike has been performing, recording, and teaching drums for over 17 years, and has studied under some of the greatest drummers of our time, including; John Fisher, Jim Chapin, Chuck Silverman, Peter Magadini, Virgil Donati, and Dom Famulro.
    Mike is heading up the drum department in the U.S. for the "National Guitar Workshop." He has also performed at the "Vancouver International Drum Festival" in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, and 2005 by invitation of Yamaha Drums.
    Mike is endorsed by Vic Firth Sticks, Yamaha Drums, DrumGum, Sabian Cymbals, and HansenFutz.

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