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Need new beats? Buy new sheets!

Everyone can benefit from learning new music or a new exercise. Doing so increases your sight reading ability and allows you to grow as a musician as you tackle and conquer new and challenging arrangements. No matter what area of drumming or percussion you fall into we can all benefit from marching percussion arrangements.

The following are the top three online retailers for marching percussion and concert percussion arrangements. Each offer drumline exercises and full ensemble pieces for exercise or performance.

3) Rowloff Productions

Rowloff is the most established of the three online sheet music stores. Rowloff offers music for drumline, indoor percussion, marching band, and others. Rowloff offers clinics for your percussion program and custom marching arrangements for your ensemble. Most charts available from Rowloff are aimed at high school, junior high, and elementary school percussion programs. There are a wide variety of solo books to challenge the most advanced players and a plethora of instructional books from world renowned clinicians and percussion educators like Dennis Delucia. Rowloff is also the publisher of a rock solid entry-level quad drumming book "Modern Multi Tenor Techniques and Solos." Rowloff also publishes the "Logic" series by Bill Bachman.

2) Drop6 Media Inc.

Drop6 has a slightly smaller library to browse but makes up for that with the creativity and originality of their percussion catalog. Drop6 is primarily a marching percussion outlet with writers and arrangers from drum corps fame such as Tom Aungst, Lalo Davila, Paul Rennick, J.J. Pipitone, Tom Float, and many others. Drop6 also features ensemble concert percussion pieces for contests.

1) Tapspace

Tapspace may best be known for Virtual Drumline and Murray Gusseck. Tapspace offers many arrangements popularized by Gusseck and the Santa Clara Vanguard percussion section. Many of these arrangements are available immediately after purchase as .pdf files so that you can begin drumming through them NOW!

Tapspace offers audio files, or at least samples, of all media offered on the site and most arrangements can be purchased by individual instruments (for those wanting to hack through some meaty notes on their own) or as a full score.

Tapspace also offers arrangements from Jim Ancona, Nick Angelis, Jim Casella, Brian Mason, Michael McIntosh, Jeff Queen, and others. With authors who are active in the drumming community from various styles of percussion, and with years of experience, Tapspace offers the most diverse and inspiring arrangements. 

With so many method books and cheap sheet music for you to get your hands on there is no reason for you to sit there and play Rock Band or Guitar Hero! Improve your chops now!!


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