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Remo Portable Putty Pad

If you own a practice pad you probably haven't considered the possibility of owning a practice pad that's even more travel friendly. The putty pad by Remo fits in a container slightly larger than a film canister and is promoted as being able to be used anywhere. This practice pad is similar to silly putty but creates a playing surface semi-suitable for drumming by providing enough rebound comparable to common practice pads.

The drawbacks to this product may outweigh the benefit of its size and portability. The pad is moldable and nontoxic and is said to stick to any hard surface. The pad doesn't stick to surfaces but provides enough friction to prevent movement along a smooth surface while drumming. What its 'stickiness' does is pick up and hold any small piece of fuzz, crumbs, or hair you might miss before you roll this pad out on a table to drum.

It can be difficult to find the correct thickness for your Remo putty pad; too thick and there is no rebound and no articulation that is expected in marching and rudimental drumming. While drumming with less rebound than felt on a drum or other practice pad may develop your drumming muscles this pad can offer less than a pillow and absorbs all energy if it is too thick. If your mound of putty is too thin you seem to have the same problem as well as the potential to damage the surface underneath your drum pad.

This pad is portable but all drum pads are portable, other pads are easier to clean, and other pads provide a consistent playing surface with durability. The ability to clean a gum rubber practice pad fairly easily is also a plus that the Remo putty pad doesn't offer.

The ability to silence your drumming more than other pads is amazing but again, you must find the perfect thickness to achieve a worthy quieting ability. When your pad is perfectly rolled out it dampens the 'noise' with great effectiveness than typical rubber drum pads but during extended practice sessions you will need to scoop up your pad, roll it up, and lay it back out to reverse impact drumming has on the pad, causing it to thin and spread out from when you first throw it out on the table.

This drum pad makes an excellent novelty and gift for a drummer but to be used as a replacement for any other wood and rubber drum pad this pad is lacking. It provides quality of drum set drummers but less articulation and clarity than desired for note-heavy percussion. Ranging 7-$13 this drum pad is easy on the wallet and might provide enough reason to lure pseudo-drummers from video games to the real thing.

There is no substitute for a Real Feel or Pearl's Jeff Queen drum pad and a lap!

You can find a this drum pad at your local music store or purchase online.


Remo Portable Putty Pad

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