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Soft Stix - Practice pad and drum stick in one
Soft-Stix | Evansville Drums Examiner
Soft-Stix. Photo Credit: Kristina Zielinski

Stop destroying your desk, chairs, kitchen counter, and hardwood floors! Start drumming anywhere without hassling your friends. Drum in the car, drum at work, drum anywhere! Rock the ride cymbal and practice your breaks and fills at anytime thanks to Soft-Stix! Not just a foam or rubber tipped stick but an entire practice stick coated in foam and a durable outer skin. What does that mean for you? Drum on anything and practice using anywhere the full length of the drum stick, back sticks, cymbal crashes and every timbre possible since the entire stick is protected; end-to-end the drum stick is wrapped in a practice pad.

Soft Stix was gracious enough to let me test three pairs of sticks including a pair that glow in the dark. With these sticks you can confidently drum on surfaces that you wouldn't ordinarily practice on for fear of damaging the playing surface. On any table or counter top the sticks provide perfect rebound - enough to challenge your hands and develop your chops but not so much that you're taking an unrealistic feel of drum sticks to your drums.

The glow sticks are have an intense output from just a few minutes under a light bulb. An excellent effect for clubs or any other dark drumming session these sticks offer the same durability and features as the other sticks.

Using Soft Stix on a drum pad does wonders for your ability to articulate clean rolls and singles on the snare and toms. Something many drummers have done at least once and more of them on a regular basis is to play on a pillow, mattress, or carpeted floor. Using Soft Stix on the side of your pad that gives less rebound creates the same demand from your hands without the need for the softer, velocity absorbent, surface of a pillow or carpet.

So, on what surfaces can you drum with Soft Stix? While the creators of the sticks don't advocate drumming on anything breakable I was able to drum on ANYTHING without remorse! During the evaluation of the sticks we drummed on body parts (knees, legs, arms), pets, tables, walls, doors, and even a pane of glass. In any case, use common sense, no one is responsible for what you break.

Practicing a stick toss becomes less violent with Soft Stix and can be used individually by one person on a drum set or an entire marching drumline.

If you don't own a practice pad you should, but for those of us who can't always get behind a kit to practice these sticks are for you. Additionally, including Soft Stix in your stick bag gives you an additional timbre to be expressed on the drums.

For what they bring to the table these sticks are reasonably priced to fit the budget of any drummer. Available in Rhythmic Red, Jazzy Blue, High Voltage Yellow, Rudimentary White, Heavy Metal Black, and Glow in the Dark to match your drum's finish.

Soft Stix can also create a custom stick for your entire percussion section, music program, or to promote your cause. Choose any color for your sticks (not just listed for regular orders), choose a logo or name to put on your sticks, and even stamp your logo on the sleeve for your Soft Stix.

The one downside to these sticks is their ability to attract lint and dust particles. This isn't noticeable on any stick other than black. However, this minor con is not enough to have deterred anyone from enjoying these sticks.

To order a pair of Soft Stix visit: soft-stix.com


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