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Hugo Pinksterboer
    This book was published in 1994 but still holds a great deal of weight today. The care, history, how-to, and many other sections make this a great read for any drummer. From 1994 and earlier this book takes an in-depth look at all cymbals from major manufacturers and the lesser known. Nearly EVERY cymbal model is discussed in the book and compared to others based on their creation process (hand hammered vs. machine hammered).

    This work is sadly dated only by the method of delivering the information. Today, many cymbal manufacturers make this same information available to you on their website in addition to hearing and comparing the sound of each cymbal all on one page. While you cannot compare between manufacturers and not all companies who produce cymbals make such information available, the cymbal book is an excellent reference and would be essential in any percussion library for the wealth of knowledge compiled in one place.


Book "The Cymbal Book"

The Cymbal Book

From the book---
    The Cymbal Book is the first book of its kind. It presents everything there is to know about these fascinating instruments in one place.
    Based on visits to all the major cymbal manufacturing companies and interviews with the world's leading drummers, journalist and drummer Hugo Pinksterboer has created a well documented and highly readable work.
    Sprinkled with quotes and photos, this book covers such topics as the history of cymbals, their acoustics, selection and testing, ideas for setups, cleaning and repair, and much, much more.
    Wheather read for enjoyment of used as a spcecific reference guide, The Cymbal Book will answer every question on the subject. Because of the nature of the instrument, based on a history of 5,000 years, its contents will stay up-to-date for years to come.

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