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Thinking outside the box: marching percussion equipment

At times a percussion arranger or show designer may feel as though they've explored all possibilities for the drumline or percussion section. How many different sticks and mallets can you strike a drum with? The answer is only as many as it takes you to find that many of them create a similar timbre. What's next? 2 Cool Percussion!

Many drumlines consist of only snares, quads (tenors, quints, etc), and bass drums. 2 Cool Percussion makes it possible to expand your percussive arsenal by easily adapting drums not traditionally found on the field or in the drumline. With simple attachments you can add additional drums, unique sets for an individual drummer, and even march a keyboard in your ensemble. 2 Cool Percussion offers endless possibilities for your drumline no matter your show theme or staged indoors or out.

Here are a few of their offerings:

2 Cool's timbale drum carrier attachment allows anyone with a j hook model marching drum carrier to mount timbales, cowbell, and a cymbal and take to the field.

While marching bells or a xylophone may not be the most comfortable position in the percussion section 2 Cool Percussion's bell carrier attachment allows you to flip the bells or xylophone up or closer to you like a set of quads, allowing you to rest your back.

 An effective method for dealing with fewer members in the drumline or to add depth to your bass line use the stacked bass drum kit! This kit allows two bass drums to be stacked and carried by one drummer using nothing more than a drum key. There is no drilling, no damage to drums. The bottom drum attaches to the carrier and the top bass drum mounts to the bottom, again, without drilling and using only a drum key!

Add an unforgettable moment in your show and involve one drum or the whole drumline. Spin them! Spin your drumline in the rotating drum rack or break all the rules with a two ring gyroscope! Used by United Percussion in 2008 this gyroscope allows you to take your drums on what you might have only considered fun ride at the fair.

While specializing in the unique and extraordinary 2 Cool Percussion also creates concert bass drum stands, mallet keyboard frames, concert tom drum racks, bleacher stands for marching drums, electronic keyboard frames, steel drum stands, chime stands, troop block or marching machines, gong stands, speaker carts, and EVEN MORE!!

For more information on these products or two discuss custom designs for you and your percussion section visit: 2 Cool Percussion


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