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Small business web presence:
Creating 24 hour accessible information for your business or organization - pages to display, describe, and offer your products and services, business location, contact information, and more. Attact customers, members, or interest in your project or business. A few short pages introducing your organization or a complex site to manage your employees and customers!

Communication and Sharing:
Forums, discussion boards, photo hosting/sharing, file hosting/sharing can be incorporated in any website but can also be used independently by your friends, family, church, school, or business to create a central location for important documents, photos, or communication and discussion.

A discussion board, photo gallery, file host, and other services are usually available to you within 48 hours of your service request.

Game Alliance/Clan site, Game tool host:
All of the above can be customized for any format, style, or organization and can be specifically used as a central point of information and discussion for your game's alliance or clan. Tools such as OGame's Galaxytool can be hosted on our site for a low annual fee. Other services available upon request.

For any of these services visit the shop for the latest fees or complete the contact form and I will create a custom proposal for your needs and contact you via phone or email.


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