Episode 2 – Poorly Informed

The second installment of a marching percussion or drumline or not-a-wind-instrument podcast. This week we talk about and listen to some DCA or senior corps drumlines. There’s lot audio from the current top three scoring percussion sections.

I’m not talking trash about people, I might be, a little bit. I’m not arguing on the internet but I want to talk about people who talk about other people – your parents! It will make sense, does your family say you’re great at the drums? What do they think about your complaints or your experience.

Another vote is listed for next week’s “Lick of the week” but the winner from last week is the warm-up from the 2001 Bluecoats Drumline. No actual lot audio or video exists of this, it was never played in that setting – it wasn’t played much at all. You can listen to the audio HERE and check out the sheet music HERE.

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