Episode 4: Differences

What’s inside?

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Like every episode this one is jam packed with drumming goodness. The DCA season came to a close over the weekend and while there weren’t any surprises with the scores there has been a gentle trend with I&E for DCA and DCI.

If you’re not a diverse drummer, you’re in a highly specialized field of marching percussion or rudimental drumming, what can you do next if you don’t want to teach? We’ll listen to a few options.

While that one movie came out over 17 years ago there’s still a lot of complaining, arguing and hatred between show style and corps style groups and the argument always seems to be started by the same group.

Lick of the Week

The winner of the Lick of the Week poll was an RCC drumline exercise called Shake Hands With Beef, not to be mistaken for the Primus song. Be sure to vote in this week’s poll or submit your own favorite lick that you’ve seen or created.

Poll Winner: Riverside Community College, Shake Hands With Beef

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