173rd Street “Across Town”



#1 Standing in the intersection of Forest Avenue and 173rd Street, travel east on 173rd, what is the next intersection you enter?

#2 What is the hundred block of the intersection you entered in question 1?

#3 On 173rd between Hohman and Harrison are what streets?

#4 At Harrison Avenue, traveling east, there are six “President Streets.” List them in order as you’d pass them.

#5 After passing the “President Streets” you come to Calumet Avenue. What is the hundred block of Calumet Avenue?

#6 Between Calumet Avenue and Tapper are two streets. What are they?

#7 What hundred block is Tapper Avenue?

#8 On 173rd between Tapper and Columbia are three streets. What are they and in what order as you travel west to east?

#9 What hundred block is Columbia Avenue?

#10 Chestnut Avenue is the 1400 block of 173rd Street. What street did you pass before you arrived at Chestnut (traveling west to east)?

#11 After passing through Chestnut what are the next three streets you encounter BEFORE arriving at White Oak?

#12 What hundred block is White Oak Avenue?

#13 Continuing east you will come to Northcote Avenue, but what two streets to you see before you get there?

#14 After passing Baring Parkway and Magoun Avenue you arrive at the 2000 block. What street is the 2000 block?

#15 Between the 2000 block and Purdue University are three streets. What are they?

#16 The next street on the left is Ontario, the 2400 block, and Schneider. What is the 2400 block street?

#17 Next, you pass Osborn Avenue and before coming to the railroad tracks what street do you pass?

#18 The next four streets are M, A, M, K. K is the 2800 block, what are these streets?

#19 Before coming to Orchard, you pass five “state streets.” What are they?

#20 What hundred block is Parrish Avenue?

#21 You then pass ___, ___, and ___ before arriving at Grand Avenue, the ____ block.

#22 What are the three remaining streets on your journey across 173rd Street?

#23 After crossing Grand Avenue you pass Nebraska Avenue on the right. The next cross street is two streets. If you turn left it’s ____, and if you turn right it’s ___.